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We make concept-churning, strategy-devouring, hustle-and-grind-loving advertising creatives.

The line between art director and copywriter and strategist and designer and planner and front desk receptionist is getting blurrier every day. That said, there is value in specializing and building upon natural talent tendencies. In an effort to maximize growth and creative potential, Minerva channels students into one of two primary areas of study. 

Art Direction

Making this advertising thing look good, art directors partner with copywriters to develop giant-sized ideas. They strive to embed meaning into all the nooks and crannies of a campaign to more clearly communicate the intended message. And they're a sucker for well-kerned type.


Wordsmiths of the advertising world, copywriters partner with art directors to come up with concepts that are both compelling and prodigious. They know what prodigious means. They edit ruthlessly. And they work to inject a client's message directly into the hearts and minds of the audience.

Minerva students navigate the program as a cohort—learning and working together in creative teams. Once they complete the advanced portfolio class they're considered fully cooked and their names are added to the appropriate list with links to their portfolios.

Gigs are gettin' got, y'all. Here's just a few of the agencies that have recently added Minerva talent to their teams.