To be eligible for membership in Minerva, the creative portfolio specialization, students must be advertising majors. You can change your major to advertising upon acceptance into the program. Prerequisites for specialization courses include:

Basic Prerequisites

if not already completed, students must register for the following courses upon their acceptance into Minerva:

  • MC 101 - Intro. to Mass Communications
  • JCM 103 - Mechanics of Media Writing
  • APR 221 - Intro. to Advertising
  • APR 260 - Software Applications I

Phase 3 Prerequisites

Prior to advancing to Phase 3 of the Minerva program, students must have also completed the following courses:

  • APR 260 - Software Applications I
  • APR 270 - Strategic Thinking (Advertising)
  • APR 280 - Investigation and Insights
  • APR 300 - Basic Principles of Design

Note: some of these courses may be offered during summer sessions if that is a desired/required option.


Students with a working knowledge of the Adobe Suite of applications will be ahead of the game. Eventually, an advanced understanding and mastery of Photoshop and Illustrator are a must for art directors. After Effects, and Premiere are extremely helpful to know as well


If you aren't already familiar with the software you will be using in your professional life, consider yourself behind. For example, copywriters should learn how to write a script and art directors should learn how to talk the talk with a photographer. Don't wait. Go get started now. If you already know some stuff. Great. Now go get better at it.

Work Ethic

This program demands a lot of time and effort from everyone involved because we believe in hard work. We believe in pushing ourselves, and our peers, beyond our preconceived limits. And when it comes to developing great ideas—that's really what we do here—we believe that quantity leads to quality. So be ready to work hard in order to maximize your chances of success in this program and the creative advertising industry as a whole.